Overview of Award Categories

Distinguished Engineer Award

Distinguished Scientist/Technologist Award

Young Engineer of the Year Award

Young Scientist/Technologist of the Year Award

Award Presentation Information

At the annual Minnesota Engineers Week Awards and Recognition Banquet, MFESTS presents the four categories of awards to recognize outstanding achievements by individuals from within the ranks of its Member Societies. Each of the awardees receives a plaque in commemoration of their selection. Member Societies are expected to sponsor their awardee and guest for the cost of banquet.

Award Nomination and Submission Information

Award Nomination Forms are posted to this website by November 1st of a calendar year. The deadline for submission of the completed Award Nomination Forms is typically the first Saturday in January. It is expected that an official of Member Society prepare the nomination form, gather endorsements, and gather a suitable photo of the nominee; it is strongly suggested that the nominating official coordinate with the nominee to ensure completeness and accuracy of the information for the nomination.

Award Nomination Forms

Each of the nomination packets is available to download in two formats, either a MS Word file or a PDF file, either format may be used for the nomination submission.


  1. The filename of the each of the packets has a year designator; the year that is indicated corresponds to the year the that the award will be presented. Example—a filename that includes “2017” is for the nomination that is due at the beginning of January 2017.
  2. Files for an upcoming year will typically be posted here by November 1st of the year preceding nomination submission.
Distinguished Engineer Nomination Packet MFESTS_D-EOY_2018 (PDF)
Distinguished Scientist/Technologist Nomination Packet MFESTS_D-STOY_2018 (PDF)
Young Engineer Nomination Packet MFESTS_Y-EOY_2018 (PDF)
Young Scientist/Technologist Nomination Packet MFESTS_Y-STOY_2018 (PDF)